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Competition Overview

Welcome to ECC 2013!  Taiwan Merchants Association (TMA) and Taiwanese American Professionals – New York (TAP-NY) are proud to launch our 2nd annual Entrepreneur Challenge & Competition (ECC).  Last year we received over 40 submissions from Taiwanese American entrepreneurial teams, and we’re excited to engage with even more amazing entrepreneurs this year.  Continuing our goals from ECC 2012, our aim is to create a platform for Taiwanese Americans to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and inspire the community.  We have over $10,000 in unrestricted cash prizes for winner(s) at the final event- see below for more details for the competition. We look forward to engaging with you over the next few months!


Round 1: Contestants must submit written proposals to before July 31st, 2013. Proposals must be detailed, well-written, pleasingly formatted, and comprehensive enough for external stakeholders to understand the goals of the team and the plan to reach those goals. Proposals must be in English, sent in PDF format, and no longer than 15 pages in length.

Round 2: TAP-NY will invite the Top 16 teams to present their product/service in front of a panel of experienced business and industry leaders. Teams will be evaluated on their oral and visual (PPT) presentation.

Round 3: On the final competition day, the Top 8 will present in front of a distinguished group of judges. Each team will get 10 minutes to present with a 5 minute Q&A from the panel of judges. The judges will select two overall winners to win cash prizes- one in the for-profit category, one in the non-profit category. The audience will also select an “Audience Favorite”.


Throughout each round, proposals will be judged on the following criteria:


  • Includes presentation of executive summary
  • Clarity of goal and measures of success

Plan for reaching goals

  • Clear growth strategy
  • Anticipation of potential risks

Reason why attainable

  • Market opportunity
  • Possibility of long term success
  • Ability to execute the plan


  • Written (Round 1), Visual and Oral (Rounds 2 & 3)

TAP & ECC Ideals

  • How will prize money help you advance your goals?
  • Innovation of product/service
  • Product/service helps the Taiwanese American community or the world
  • Team exhibits passion and enthusiasm


  • At least 1 member of the core team is Taiwanese American or Taiwanese (and a U.S. resident); or, the product is directly beneficial to Taiwan
  • The team cannot have raised more than $250,000 capital by July 31st for the product/service
  • Age limit is 18 to 40 years old


  • JUNE 1: ECC launch- business plan submission open
  • JULY 31: Plan submission deadline
  • AUGUST 18: Top 16 announced
  • AUGUST 24: Presentations to TAP-NY Panel (at Manhattan location)
  • AUGUST 25: Top 8 announced
  • SEPTEMBER 14: Competition Day (at Manhattan location)

Rules and requirements are subject to changes as sponsors and organizers feel necessary and will be announced via the website Contestants must be present on Competition Day to receive the prize. More details on competition location will be released soon.

紐約台灣商會 (“TMA”) 及台美菁英協會 (“Taiwanese American Professionals – New York” or “TAP-NY”) 即將二度合作舉辦第二屆創業企劃競賽 – Entrepreneur Challenge & Competition 、為台裔美籍青年再次打造創業平台。例如往年、競賽不設限從業領域、無論是有科技相關的創意、時尚設計的夢想、或非營利、基金投資的商業點子、皆歡迎創業家利用這個難得的機會、一展抱負。最後優勝者必須通過階段性的專業審查、贏得最高獎金10,000 美元。 有意人士可透過 提交企畫書2013年6月1日起即開放投稿。


初賽階段:參賽隊伍於網路報名,將競賽的英文企劃書以 Powerpoint slides in PDF 的格式投稿至、接受書面初選。入選十六組團隊將進入複賽。

複賽階段:入選隊伍將受 TAP-NY 邀請,於複賽當天發表企劃書內容,由專業評審團篩

決賽階段:入選前八強隊伍將於決賽當日至競賽會場進行企劃提案展示及概念說明。每隊將有十分鐘的時間限制,以及五分鐘的評審提問時間。評審將由企業界具專業素養之傑出人士擔任。出賽前,前八強隊伍可有機會與傑出的青年創業家導師洽商提案,提高決賽標準。 TAP-NY 負責找適合的創業導師。

獎勵辦法: 為公平起見,決賽將分為營利賽及非營利賽。 9,000美元現金獎因此也分為
「營利獎」以及「非營利獎」。獎金分配取決於前八強的營利公司及非營利公司比率。此外獲得由觀眾票選出「最佳人氣獎」之隊伍亦可獲得1,000 美元的現金獎勵。




企劃展示及口頭簡報: 口才







參賽企劃書開放投稿日 [6月1日]

參賽企劃書投稿截止日 [7月31日]

複賽前16強入圍公佈日 [8月18日]

複賽企劃簡報發表日 [8月24日] (會場地點:紐約曼哈頓 Teach for America)

決賽前8強入圍公佈日 [8月25日]

決賽企劃書發表日 [9月14日](會場地點:紐約曼哈頓 Teach for America)